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   G. Benaske Builder L.L.C.

  Benaske Builders L.L.C.

 Benaske Builders, LLC
 R-Value Foam Insulation, LLC
 Phone: 989-433-5557
 Fax: 989-433-0300



  New Home Estimator


  How many sq ft 1st floor home?
  Square feet 2nd floor 2-story only?
  How many bathrooms in the home?
  Whirlpool tub in the home?
  How many windows in the home?
  Total feet of cabinets, base, upper and vanity?
  How many interior doors in the home?
  How many exterior doors in the home?
  Porch square feet? 
  Garage square feet?
  Roof Pitch  i.e. 5' up in 12' = (5) /12?
  Roof Style Standard(1), Hip(2)?
  Fireplace Basic(1), Standard(2), Standard Plus(3)?
  Total cost of a     sq ft home.  

                is between   $ .00 and $ .00 


The price offered here is only an estimate for general pricing of a custom built home. It is based on over 30 years experience in delivering custom built homes. Your actual home may be more or less depending upon your design, location and lot conditions.

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February 15, 2006
We have added video tours of some of our homes in our Gallery..

November 22, 2005
New photos were added to the Gallery.

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Benaske Builders is proud to have been voted "2001, #1 Building Contractor " in Isabella County.

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